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Updated – July 4, 2023

Re: Professional services related to preparation of business plan

We understand that you are interested in our services for preparing a business plan for your new venture.

This letter confirms our appointment to represent you and your corporation for preparing a Business Plan, and it outlines the terms, nature, and extent of the services we will be providing. Our proposed services include preparation of a business plan including income statement projections, and opening day balance sheet for the purpose of arranging a loan.

We estimate our fees for the above services to be $2,500 (+HST) for preparing the business plan. An amount of $1,000 plus HST (total of $1,130) related to the business plan will be payable immediately upon the signing of this contract and balance of $1,500 Plus HST is payable upon the completion of the business plan.

In order to complete this engagement, we will require access to certain personal information. You and your corporation hereby represent to us that you have obtained all consents that are required under applicable privacy legislation for the collection, use, and disclosure to us of personal information. We will manage all personal information in compliance with our Privacy Code. Further, you authorize us to represent you at any of the financial institutions to arrange a business loan for above noted purpose.

We will be pleased to discuss the contents of this letter with you at any time, and to explain the reasons for any items. If the above terms are acceptable to you, and the services outlined are in accordance with your requirements, please sign the copy of this letter in the space provided and return to it to us.

Yours sincerely,

Karan L. Ashani, CPA, CA, CFA

Partner, Ashani CPAs & Business Advisors

The services set out in the foregoing letter are in accordance with our requirements. The terms set out are acceptable to us and hereby agreed to by by the authority and organization completing the submission.

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Document Checklist

- Certificate of Incorporation
- Franchise agreement (if applicable)
- Lease agreement (if applicable)
- Business Purchase agreement (if applicable) and Appraisal report
- Quotes of Leasehold Improvements and Equipment
- Resumes of all Owners (to understand your background)
- List of products and/or services offered
- Staffing requirements

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